This is where I will be posting updates on my everyday adventures on this journey called life.

Monday, 22 September 2014


Hi everyone!

Having left for my 3 month European adventure almost a year ago (and having been back in Canada for 9 months), I realize it's about time for an update.

Since returning to Canada in January, I had been actively looking for employment.  After 6 months of continuous applying and interviewing, I was finally hired for a 2-week temporary position!  Luck turned out to be on my side, as soon after I began working that contract, I was offered another contract position with a different organization.  That contract ended as of last Friday, and I am currently back on the job hunt, hoping to find another position with an organization that can utilize my skills and experience.  But enough about that.  A lot has happened since my last post, and I will try my best not to leave anything out!

Since returning to Canada, I've...
- Celebrated my 23rd birthday
- Had snails (escargots) for the first time
- Saw The Backstreet Boys: In A World Like This tour in Hamilton and fangirled/partied like it was 1999
- Became the proud owner of a family of dwarf hamsters
- Went on random car adventures with my best guy friend (including a late night trip across the border!)
- Became a BzzAgent, doing free product testing
- Worked a temporary restaurant job as an Expediter at a famed deli in Toronto
- Got my SmartServe
- Worked a temporary assignment for the first time
- Excelled at a contract position, causing my contract to end early as a result of my efficiency and organizational skills
- Bought skydiving vouchers (have yet to go!)
- Had an amazing ice cream cookie sandwich from the famed Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery
- Had a date at Panorama Lounge in downtown Toronto
- Hung out on a rooftop at 2am
- Road-tripped to Bon Echo Provincial Park
- Went cliff-jumping for the first time
- Went canoeing for the first time
- Visited one of my best friends at her new house in Stratford
- Went out for ramen for the first time
- Went for a jog at 5:30am despite being congested due to a bad cold
- Spent quality time with my close friends and family

Upcoming adventures include:
- Kurios (The new Cirque de Soleil performance celebrating their 30th anniversary)
- Skydiving!

Hopefully I will be better at updating from now on.

Until next time - cheers!