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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Weekend in Amsterdam


As some of you know, I spent this past weekend in Amsterdam in the Netherlands!  Some friends were going to an event nearby, so I got a ride with them and spent my time exploring Amsterdam.  I couchsurfed with Margaux, who is currently studying Psychology in the city (yay psychies unite!).

The drive from Hamburg to Amsterdam is about 4-4.5 hours, so it wasn't too bad.  It was a little chaotic after we arrived, and long story short, I ended up getting fries from Mannekin Pis for dinner, and went off on my way to find Margaux's apartment.

I was quite disoriented coming out of the metro station, but luckily found my way to Margaux's apartment.  I arrived around midnight and apologized for arriving so late, but she was very kind and forgave me as she was up anyway.  That night, we stayed up talking until 3am!

The next morning, I woke up and got ready for my day exploring Amsterdam.  After all, I was leaving the next day so this was my only chance of experiencing the city.  I grabbed a banana and made my way to the tram stop not far from her house.  My first stop was the olympic stadium.

After I walked around the stadium, I hopped back on the tram and made my way towards Central Station.  However, I ended up getting off halfway at 'Museumplein' because it looked gorgeous.  (It was here that I made the mistake of trying to walk to Central Station because I didn't realize how far it really was...).  But it was nice because I found a map and was able to better explore Amsterdam :)

After walking a bit more, I came to the entrance of Vondelpark.

After the park, I continued my way towards Central Station, but ended up walking through a shopping district.  I had herring (which I didn't particularly enjoy but according to my sister is a 'Dutch experience'), and continued wondering the city.

Dam Square

Madame Toussaud

Shopping Mall

I also came across the Red Light District (in the day time so not as exciting), Chinatown, Waterlooplein market, and more!

It was a great time exploring Amsterdam (though I could have done without the rain, but what are you going to do).  Before we left for our drive back to Hamburg, we all went to have an authentic Chinese dinner in Chinatown.

Bye Amsterdam!

I had a good weekend in Amsterdam, and made a new friend through couchsurfing!  I can't wait for my next adventure :)  Until next time - cheers!

Blurry, but this is what it looks like when you push 200km/hr on the highway.
"Express lane in Canada?  Every lane is an express lane in Germany!"  

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